Helle Katrine Andersen
COO, DANVA (Danish Water and Wastewater Association)


Helle Katrine Andersen has many years of international experience and is a leading figure in both the Danish and Nordic water sector as well as internationally.

COO of the Danish Water and Waste Water Association (DANVA), she has since 2002 worked for DANVA with members, governance, policy and regulation in the water sector and therefore has a very good knowledge on strategy and governance in the water sector, including governance of associations.

Her IWA experience includes being Chair of the Danish National IWA Committee since 2012. Helle K. Andersen is active in IWA since 2004, she was a member of the IWA Strategic Council since 2011 representing the utilities segment and from 2014-2016 appointed Governing member representative in the IWA Finance International Committee (FIC). She most recently played a key role in the 2022 World Water Congress held in Copenhagen, Denmark, as chair of the host country committee and of the Utility Leaders Forum.

She has also been working to strengthen and promote the benefits of IWA to utilities and to link the Danish water sector with the IWA strategy, programmes and activities. Creating value for members is a key issue for Helle.

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