Francisca Braga and Nerea Uri Carreño


Francisca Sousa Braga

An industrial PhD student, is dedicated to exploring the water-energy nexus and finding ways to reuse wastewater for energy applications. Originally from Portugal, she now resides in Denmark. Francisca is deeply involved in the IWA YWP Community, where she organises conferences, leads webinars, and participates in various activities. As of 2022, she holds the secretary position at IWA YWP Denmark Chapter and is currently part of the Program Committee for the 2024 Emerging Water Leader Forum that will be held at the World Water Congress. In her leisure time, Francisca enjoys immersing herself in water-related activities like swimming and surfing.

Nerea Uri Carreño

Nerea Uri Carreño is Chair of YWP Denmark and Innovation Specialist at VCS Denmark. She holds a PhD from the Danish Technical University.