Emma Weisbord
Emagin’s Head of Marketing


Clear communication across disciplines has been a fundamental part of Emma Weisbord’s career and she works globally to empower and enable water professionals to better understand the potential of emerging technologies for the sector. Emma is active in IWA Canada and chairs SWAN’s Rising Smart Water Professionals programme.

Having studied the impacts of biotechnology on water and food security during her BSc at the University of McGill, Emma has been interested in how our natural and built water systems are impacted by technological innovation. She has worked internationally on sustainable development and water projects, including with the Canadian International Development Agency in rural Cuba to leverage appropriate technologies for water safety, affordability, and access.  

Her time in Cuba emphasized the value of interdisciplinary thinking, communication, partnership building, and engagement. This led her to seek out further training in this field and was awarded a place on the Water Science, Policy and Management MSc course at the University of Oxford. Since then, she has worked with Oxford’s Primary Health Care Department, Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, and the International Water Association.

Currently, she works as Emagin’s head of marketing and aims to communicate the power and possibilities that Artificial Intelligence brings to the water sector.