Emily Lorra Hines
Sales Associate at PNC - Freelance Communications Advisor


Throughout the beginning stages of my career I’ve been lucky to experience working in multiple environments to give me a well rounded background. My academic background lies in water conservation, management and stewardship, although I have worked in event-planning, finance and administrative capacities outside of this. Throughout my exploration I have discovered my love of communications and marketing, and applying it to social causes and people I care about. I have been lucky to work with artists in Toronto (Kaela Faloon) and international non profit organizations (Good Lad Initiative) to create their websites and aid their online presences.

My goal is to combine my research abilities that I gained throughout my academic career with my creativity that is honed through my marketing/writing/design abilities. I hope to return to the environmental or aquatic field in a position that allows me to communicate research and advocacy ideas to the public in new and engaging ways. I strongly believe we have the knowledge to save the environment, we just need better communication methods to convey the strategy and engage stakeholders, businesses, governments and the public- a difficult task but one that can be achieved!

In my spare time, I volunteer with both national and international groups through correspondence in multiple capacities. Currently I am volunteering with Our Women’s Voices to connect women on cross-cultural issues across Toronto, and am also a Youth Advisory Board member for Waterlution, where I am acting as an assistant to teach children and teens about indigenous issues in the classroom. Additionally, I continue to write for numerous blogs and magazines, with publications featured in Feelz, Notes, the Oxford Student and Shameless magazines.