April 13, 2021 SDGs

World Water Day Poll Results

As official supporters of UN Water’s #WorldWaterDay, we had a series of polls on social media to highlight a range of water & SDG 6 issues. We have seen great engagement among our followers with over 2,000 responses to our polls. Thank you so much to all of you who took part – here are some interesting stats and facts!

  • We asked: How much wastewater globally do you think is currently safety treated and managed? Most of you responded less than 10%. Today, according to the UN Water SDG 6 Monitoring Initiative, over 80% of water globally is not safely treated. This is a missed opportunity: safely managed wastewater is an affordable and sustainable source of water, energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials.


  • We asked: What role do you think the water industry can play in the protection of the environment and ecosystems? Over 95% of respondents agreed that the water industry can play a significant role. From circular economy, to nature based solutions, the water sector will surely play a big role in achieving a greener future. Proper water management can provide environmental, social and economic benefits, whilst also safeguarding freshwater ecosystems.


  • We asked: Do you think that inclusive WASH tailored around women & girls’ needs should be a global priority? 20% of respondents believe that this is already happening, but, according to over 70%, more still needs to happen. Today, many women and girls in low-income countries feel unsafe or face barriers to their education and career because of a lack of adequate and secure facilities in their schools, communities or workplaces. Inclusive sanitation is a gamechanger for girls’ education and for women’s empowerment.