January 8, 2024 GovernanceMembership

Current opportunities in Specialist Groups Management Committees

There are currently various open opportunities within the following Specialist Groups:

  • Management Committee positions in Tastes Odours and Algal Toxins in Drinking Water Resources and Aquaculture – Applications are open until 2 July 2024. 
  • Management Committee positions in Water Safety Planning – Applications are open until 2 July 2024.
  • Management Committee positions in Forest Industry – Applications are open until 25 June 2024. 
  • Call for the Chair and Secretary Positions at the Anaerobic Digestion – applications are open until 20 April 2024. (Closed)
  • Nominations are invited for the position of Secretary of the Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering SG – Applications are open until 10 April 2024 (Closed).
  • Young Water Professional Leader Position in Water Reuse Specialist Group -Applications are open until 20 April 2024.(Closed)
  • Management Committee positions in Environmental Engineering Education –  Applications are open until 15 May 2024. (Closed)
  • Management Committee positions in Pre-treatment of Industrial Wastewaters –  Applications are open until 25 April 2024 . 
  • Management Committee positions in Benchmarking and Performance Assessment – Applications are open until 15 March 2024 (Closed). 
  • Chair and Secretary positions in Institutional Governance and Regulation – Applications are open until 15 January 2024 (Closed).
  • Management Committee positions in Advanced Oxidation Processes – Applications are open until 20 January 2024 (Closed).
  • Chair-Elect position in Small Water and Wastewater Systems – Applications are open until 15 January 2024 (Closed). 

Find out more and access all the forms through IWA Connect Plus.


How to join and engage with Specialist Groups

Are you looking for other ways to join or engage with our 51 Specialist Groups? There are many different ways to do so, starting from joining IWA as a member and working your way up. These are some examples:

  • Apply for IWA membership and select which SG you would like to join.
  • If you are already an IWA member, you can freely choose your specialist group of choice to get updates on news, publications, activities, conferences, etc., and participate in the group discussions, post information in the group feed on IWA Connect Plus.

For those who wish to contribute to a Groups’ activities – here are some ways you can do so:

  • Contribute to publications
  • Attend and present at specialised conferences or webinars organised by the SG. Check out all IWA events here.
  • Get involved in task groups and working groups to work on specific tasks together with other members
  • During elections and nominations periods, put yourself forward to become a member of the management committee and shape the direction of the SG
  • Help in the organisation of the specialised conferences as a member of the programme or organising committee
  • Take up an initiative to create task groups or working groups on an emerging or pressing issue in water management
  • Browse IWA’s work and find more ways to involve your SG – for example through the Inclusive Sanitation initiative, through the Climate Smart Utilities initiative, among others.

Why Join IWA Specialist Groups?

🤝🏻 Knowledge sharing: IWA Specialist Groups cover a wide range of subjects and are one of the main mechanisms for like-minded IWA members to network and share knowledge. They form important engines for scientific and technical content development that drives innovations in the water sector.

🌎 Networking: Spread across IWA’s membership in more than 140 countries, they are an effective means of international networking, sharing information and skills, and making professional and business contacts.

🧠 Expert Insights: Specialist Groups and their respective Task Groups and Clusters, are often referred to as the ‘Engine’ of the Association. Through SGs, IWA members contribute to and participate in issue-based interactions on scientific, technical and management topics facilitating collaboration and generating impactful outputs, including conferences and publications.

👥 Community Connection: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for water and sanitation. SGs can create unique opportunities to meet the leaders in your field, connect globally to cutting edge knowledge developments, and shape the sector.

🏆 Constant Recognition and Support: Join IWA as an individual member to learn global and local world-class best practices, develop your skills, network, and be recognised as a leading water leader.

Not an IWA member yet? Join IWA today! Unlock a world of opportunities and boost your global connections. For more information, visit: www.iwaconnectplus.org/join-iwa