February 21, 2017

Professor George Ekama recognised for “unique contributions to water sector”

Professor George Ekama of the University of Cape Town, has been recognised as an IWA Distinguished Fellow. This award is made in light of Professor Ekama’s outstanding, unique and long-term contributions to the water sector and to the International Water Association.

Professor Ekama has 40 years of research experience into bioprocess engineering of aerobic and anaerobic wastewater and solids treatment systems at the University of Cape Town, where some of the original biological N and P removal kinetic simulation modelling research was done in the 1980s, which found its way into activated sludge models 1 and 2.

Over the years he has been at the forefront of developments in biological nitrogen removal activated sludge systems modelling, filamentous bulking, secondary settling tank design and modelling and anaerobic systems.

In its citation, the IWA Nominations Committee stated that Professor Ekama’s nomination for IWA Distinguished Fellow was made in “recognition of your long term research contributions included examples such as the original biological N and P removal kinetic simulation modelling in the activated sludge models 1 and 2, and your winning of the 2012 IWA Project Innovation Award.

“You have also contributed extensively to IWA activities and have helped organize as well as present at multiple IWA conferences, mainly as a keynote speaker throughout the years.”

A member of the International Water Association since 1984, Professor Ekama has been a prolific author, publishing 45 articles in Water Science and Technology as well as 24 articles in Water Research; his book, “Biological wastewater treatment – Principles, modelling and design”, has been translated into Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, and has become the second best seller from IWA Publishing.

Professor Ekama has been an active participant in several IWA Specialist Groups, including the Nutrient Removal and Recovery, Anaerobic Digestion and Design, Operation and Costs of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants Specialist Groups. He is co-author of four of the IWA Scientific and Technical Reports on activated sludge modelling, community analysis and secondary settling tanks.