Paul O’Callaghan on Learning to Dance in the Rain – World Water Congress and Exhibition

Climate change and solutions are major topics that will be discussed at the upcoming World Water Congress & Exhibition taking place on 11-15 September.

Founder and CEO of BlueTech Research, Paul O’Callaghan will teach the World Water Congress audience how to thrive in an era of climate change and exploit rain. Paul is due to deliver a keynote speech during a plenary session on Wednesday 14 September (17:20 -18:10) titled “Learning to Dance in the Rain — How to Thrive in an Era of Climate Change”.

The talk from BlueTech Research CEO, Paul O’Callaghan will look at pathways towards regenerative water systems, creating an abundance mind-set that can help make rain, hydrate the land and cool the planet.  The links between water and climate will be touched upon the role that the water sector has to play. The talk will feature case studies from Paul’s work at BlueTech that link to this theme from all around the world, from water utilities, technology providers and end-users. It will explore the role of communication and story-telling to reconnect people with their water systems and activate a movement where people feel they have agency. The environmental movement has created alarm, but often it uses ‘othering language’ that makes people feel disconnected, separate and guilt ridden with environmental anxiety. The ultimate purpose of the speech is rediscovering the wonder of water and finding ways that people can fall in love with it.  The talk will close with a showing of the outline for a new film, Our Blue World.

Paul is the Founder and CEO of BlueTech Research, the leading global intelligence firm focused on water innovation.  Paul’s most famous project “Brave Blue World” seeks to increase awareness of existing solutions to the water crisis. He co-produced the documentary, available on Netflix, that has attracted support from a host of A-list celebrities. Paul regularly lectures and has recently spoken at Davos 2020, Web Summit 2020 and at Harvard and Cambridge Universities.

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition will take place in Copenhagen between 11-15 September. The global water community will discuss diverse topics gathered under the theme of water for smart liveable cities. The final programme is now available. Please click here.