New IWA YWP Chapter in Sweden

A new IWA Young Water Professionals (IWA YWP) Chapter in Sweden was formed on 8 April 2021 with an online launch event being held by the Chapter on 8 June. This new IWA YWP chapter is open to all water related professionals in Sweden, aged 35 and below, who are IWA members either individually or through their employer.

In addition, any young person (age 35 or below) employed in the Swedish water community for less than five consecutive years is welcome to join the chapter, even if they are not an IWA member.

Christoffer Wärff, Chair of the new IWA Sweden YWP Chapter, together with his fellow founding steering committee members, gives some insight on the motivation and set-up of this new IWA YWP Chapter.

What was the motivation for setting up an IWA YWP Chapter in Sweden?

We want to increase the possibilities for professional development, knowledge sharing, and networking for Swedish YWPs. We have previously had a national network in Sweden (called VA Yngre) but we believe that the connection with the IWA will give us better possibilities to bring value to the Swedish YWPs thanks to its vast international network. Not many YWPs in Sweden are IWA members today, so we hope that the chapter will also provide more insight to our participants into the benefits of joining IWA.

What are your aims and objectives for your chapter and what activities do you plan to do?

One issue that was identified among Swedish YWPs was the need to bridge the gap between industry and academia. With the chapter, we want to help complete that part and contribute to speeding up the rate of innovation in the Swedish water sector. We aim to be active on a local, national, and international level. We want to organise events such as site visits, webinars, and workshops to increase the professional skills of Swedish YWPs and provide possibilities to expand their professional networks. Through mentoring sessions between young and senior water professionals we also hope to improve knowledge sharing within the water sector. We also very much look forward to establishing connections with the other IWA YWP country chapters.

How can YWPs reach out to you, and get involved?

Anyone who is interested in participating in events or getting involved further is welcome to reach out to us via IWA Connect, LinkedIn or through our website. You can now also register for the online launch event happening on Tuesday 8 June 2021 here.

You can also of course reach out to us through the overall IWA network and IWA Young Water Professionals community.

For more information about IWA YWP Chapters, including their structure, set-up and activities please contact Laura White (Leadership Engagement Officer at the IWA Secretariat).