October 11, 2019

New IWA Young Water Professionals Chapters in Congo DRC, Czech Republic and Poland

Three new IWA Young Water Professionals (YWP) Chapters have been launched in Congo DRC and the Czech Republic (YWP CZ) and Poland on 28 September and 4 October and 18 October 2019.

The new IWA YWP chapters are open to all respective water (related) professionals age 35 and below, who are IWA members or want to get acquainted with IWA. They are aimed at providing an opportunity to young water professionals to learn, work, and network in order to advance their careers in the water sector and get connected internationally. All three chapters support and encourage the young professionals to propel their professional careers in the water sector nationally and internationally, through organised events, such as workshops, excursions and conferences, the young professionals will learn more about the water sector and its career opportunities.

The IWA Young Water Professionals Chapter in Congo DRC.

The Congolese IWA membership encouraged the young professionals to network and learn jointly as a new IWA YWP Chapter. Their vision is to promote future leaders in the water sector and to ensure their engagement for innovation in water governance in Congo. They aim to organise public awareness campaigns around sanitation and hygiene, trainings on WASH, environmental sustainability, and the involvement of youth in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.

The IWA Young Water Professionals Chapter in Czech Republic.

YWP CZ supports young water professionals by providing the platform for young students to transition to a professional life in the water sector. “We will link with experts from CzWA and IWA in order to provide insights to the technical and social/ethical dimensions of the water sector”, says IWA member Filip Harciník (Chair of the YWP CZ).

The IWA Young Water Professionals Chapter in Poland.

The Polish chapter aims to groom strong and highly motivated leaders to manage, operate and maintain the newly constructed networks over the past 15 years. It is the first network for young water professionals to join in Poland and the chapter leaders hope “it will encourage YWPs to stay in the sector, supports their professional development and builds their capacity to lead the future of the Polish Water sector.”

The International Water Association states that the local networks are great avenues to engage water professionals in the IWA community. Whilst building its members’ network, skills and profile locally, IWA provides information, and strong support for the professionals who want to engage internationally.

The Association supports a growing number of YWP chapters globally in its formation, execution of networking and professional development activities, and gives them high level profile within and beyond the IWA for the voluntary inputs.


For more information on both chapters, visit their IWA Connect pages: IWA Congo DRC YWP Chapter and IWA Czech Republic 

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