August 9, 2018 Membership

John Anderson: ‘The Messiah of water recycling in Australia’

IN MEMORIAM: John Anderson, ‘The Messiah of water recycling in Australia’, passes away

John Anderson, a dear IWA member, has passed away on July, 15.

Appointed as Chair of the IWA Specialist Group Water Reuse from 2000 to 2003, John’s valuable and continuous work on water reuse and recycling have left an incredible legacy to all the IWA community – further strengthening the links between water reuse and sustainable water management. His emphasis on the environmental and economic benefits of water reuse in agriculture, urban areas, industry and water resource supplementation in Australia have been of inspiration to our members globally.

“He dedicated his career to ensuring that the driest continent on Earth would be a world leader in innovative water storage, reticulation and recycling – enthusiastically sharing his wisdom and intellect for the good of local and overseas communities,”  writes Doug Anderson, UNSW’s principal groundwater and water resources engineer for The Sydney Morning Herald.

John contributed extensively to bridge the science-policy gap, communicating stories of success, and changing predispositions towards water reuse, such as through the publication of  Milestones in Water Reuse: The Best Success Stories.

“He devoted himself to strategic water planning policy and innovative solutions to implement secure, well designed and efficient management of water and waste water works. In effect ensuring that the system – one which a civilised society takes for granted – would reliably deliver when householders turned on a tap or flushed the loo, ”

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