January 11, 2019 Asia-PacificSolutions (expo)

IWA to co-organise the Singapore International Water Week Water Convention until 2024

The International Water Association (IWA) and the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Pte Ltd signed an agreement to continue the partnership to co-organise the next three editions of the Water Convention in 2020, 2022 and 2024. Since its inception in 2008, the Water Convention has been a successful collaboration between IWA and SIWW to facilitate exchange and co-creation of innovative ideas between water industry experts, regulators, practitioners, researchers and academics to address global water challenges.

“As one of the highly water-stressed countries in the world, Singapore’s strategies and innovation have not gone unnoticed, especially in areas such as potable reuse and desalination. With the continued partnership with IWA, we look towards greater efforts in elevating the knowledge and know-how of water sustainability and resilience at the future editions of the SIWW Water Convention to shape our water future,” said Pang Chee Meng, Director for Industry Development, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.

“With the ever-increasing demands to divide finite water resources for cities, industries, energy, food and nature, and escalating pressures brought by climate change, we can either shrink or embrace it as an unprecedented opportunity: the dawn of a golden era for water professionals,” said Kala Vairavamoorthy, CEO of the International Water Association. “IWA’s opportunity to continue shaping the Water Convention’s programme along with SIWW is an important force for driving the type of innovative solutions in science, technology and practice that are required to solve our most complex water challenges.”

The Water Convention is a signature programme of the Singapore International Water Week, held biennially in Singapore, for top water practitioners and leaders to share best practices, strategies and applied technological solutions to evolving water trends under four key themes – delivering water from source to tap, effective and efficient wastewater value management, water for liveability and resilience, and water quality and health.

The influence of the Water Convention has grown exponentially with the increasing vulnerability of the wider Asia and Pacific region to water-related crisis as well as an unparalleled drive towards water resilience. Singapore’s remarkable transformation into a leading hydrohub for sustainable water management offers important lessons to water professionals from around the world.

Over the past decade, the Water Convention has built a strong reputation, and attracted about 3,000 paper submissions from over 70 countries, of which about 200 have been published in the IWA’s Water Practice and Technology scientific journal. SIWW 2018 concluded on a high with more than 24,000 people from 110 countries and regions in attendance and S$23 billion in business deals and announcements.

About Singapore International Water Week

The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is the world’s premier platform to connect the water industry for innovative solutions and sustainable urban water management. The biennial event gathers stakeholders from the global water industry to share best practices, showcase latest technologies and tap business opportunities. The 9th Singapore International Water Week will be held from 5 to 9 July 2020 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. For more information, visit www.siww.com.sg.

About IWA

The International Water Association is the organisation that brings together science and practice of water management in order to reach a world in which water is wisely managed to satisfy the needs of human activities and ecosystems in an equitable and sustainable way. The IWA is a global knowledge hub and international network for water professionals and anyone concerned about the future of water. We bring together know-how and expertise to instigate ground-breaking solutions. www.iwa-network.org

About Water Convention

The Water Convention is a signature programme of the Singapore International Water Week. Its series of themed sessions reinforces what makes cities resilient and liveable by providing a platform that allows water practitioners, leaders, industry experts, regulators and academics to share best practices, strategic approaches and innovations in addressing challenges and opportunities.  In 2018, the Water Convention continued its focus on case studies, presentations, and practical applications along four main themes – Delivering Water from Source to Tap, Effective and Efficient Wastewater Value Management, Water for Liveability and Resilience, and, Water Quality and Health.


Water Convention delegates are invited to attend the Welcome Reception, In-Conversations, Hot Issues Workshops, Opening Plenary and Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize Lectures at SIWW. This agreement grants IWA members a 10% discount on the registration ticket. To register for the 4-day Water Convention, please keep an eye for updates on this page: https://www.siww.com.sg/events/details/water-convention

Featured image: Kala Vairavamoorthy, CEO IWA, and Pang Chee Meng, Director for Industry Development, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018.