February 29, 2024 Membership

IWA Strategic Council 2024 elected

The election process for the International Water Association’s Strategic Council has concluded and the IWA Board of Directors endorsed the results in December 2023. IWA is pleased to welcome twelve new members to the Strategic Council. The newly elected members assumed their duties in January 2024.

The IWA Strategic Council provides guidance to the Board of Directors and the Governing Assembly in the strategic direction of the Association. It also assists in the development and coordination of member activities within the Association. The Strategic Council is representative of IWA’s membership: it is composed of a balanced representation from Specialist Groups, member segments, low- and middle-income countries, young water professionals, and other internal and external committees and agencies. In addition, the Council assists in the coordination of the work of various Specialist Groups, clusters, Task Groups, and Task Forces of the Association.

The Strategic Council requires a nomination process from amongst IWA members, an endorsement process, and a voting process. The new IWA Strategic Council continues the excellent work of previous members and will ensure that IWA further progresses its work to inspire change and represent the Association’s worldwide membership.

For full details of the role and membership of the Strategic Council, please visit the About Us page on the IWA website.

IWA expresses its gratitude to the outgoing Strategic Council members for their contributions to IWA’s strategic initiatives and direction over the past two years.

For more details on how the Strategic Council operates and contributes, please see its Terms of Reference.