August 17, 2017 Society

IWA Strategic Council 2017 elected

The 2017 election process for the International Water Association Strategic Council has been concluded and the IWA Board of Directors has endorsed the results. One third of Strategic Council seats were up for grabs as fourteen members of the previous Council stepped down after the end of their two-year term. Newly elected members will assume their duties in September 2017.

The IWA Strategic Council provides guidance to the Board of Directors and the Governing Assembly in the strategic direction of the Association. It also assists in the development and coordination of member activities within the Association. The Strategic Council is representative of the IWA’s membership, comprising members from specialist groups, regulators, utilities, researchers, consultants, and equipment manufacturers, as well as representatives from other sectors.

One of the most important roles of the 2017 Strategic Council will be to begin the development of the IWA Strategic Plan 2018-2022. In addition the Council will assist in the coordination of the work of various specialist groups, clusters, task groups, and task forces of the Association.

Strategic Council requires a nomination process from amongst IWA members, an endorsement process and a voting process. The new IWA Strategic Council will continue the excellent work of previous members to ensure that the International Water Association will continue to inspire change and representing the associations’ worldwide membership.

Full details of the role and membership of the Strategic Council, please visit the About Us page on the IWA website.



IWA expresses its gratitude to outgoing strategic council members for their contributions to the IWA’s strategic initiatives in the past tqo years: Ashida Hiroshi (Japan); Borislav Lubenov Velikov (Bulgaria); Hamidreza Tashauoei (Iran); Heidi Snyman (South Africa); Helle Katrine Andersen (Denmark); Hiroaki Tanaka (Japan); Jaime Baptista (Portugal); Jennifer McKay (Australia); Jordi Gallego Ayala (Mozambique); Katerina Schilling (Austria); Mooyoung Han (Korea); Nick Apostolidis (Australia); Soon Guan Chua (Singapore); Tim Waldron (Australia).


Details on how IWA Strategic Council operates and what SC contributes please see the Terms of Reference of the IWA Strategic Council.