February 20, 2020 Membership

IWA Launches a new Young Water Professionals Chapter in Canada

A new IWA Young Water Professional Chapter has been launched, in Canada, on Feb 20th 2020.

IWA YWP Canada aims to be an inclusive, forward thinking, and supportive community for all early career Canadians working in the water sector. We started the IWA YWP Canada with the goal of gathering together early career professionals working in our country’s water sector so that they can network and share knowledge with each other. Canada’s water sector needs to learn to work across disciplines to address complex problems and adapt to a changing world, and our early career professionals need to develop collaboration skills and get to know each other.

We will connect the Canadian YWPs through conferences, events, seminars, webinars, tours, media presence, and connect them to the international YWP chapters. This will actively engage and empower these YWPs and build a strong network of YWPs across the globe.

Our goals are to:

1. Establish, grow, and maintain a strong, high quality, professional, and multi-disciplinary network for IWA Young Water Professionals.
2. Deliver opportunities for Professional Development
3. Collaborate with other IWA YWP country chapters
4. Contribute and advocate IWA’s vision
5. Advocate and empower IWA YWPs
6. Nurture a culture of open, supportive, and respectful knowledge exchange


Members of the Chapter Steering Committee

Role Name
Chairs Farokh Laqa Kakar & Sylvie Spraakman
Treasurer Chris DeGroot
Atlantic Regional Director (NS/NL) Emma Wattie
East Regional Director (QC) Alexandra Webb
Central Regional Directors (ON) Hayat Raza & Abdullahi Hussein
West Regional Director (MB/SK/SB) Palash Sanyal


Watch the Inauguration Announcement here:

Connect with us!

How can you connect with us? Join IWA Connect and follow the YWP Canada Group. If you’re on LinkedIn, follow IWA and our Chapter. We encourage you to invite other YWPs that you know to join our LinkedIn group, as we need to reach out to current and future members of IWA.