International Water Association announces newly elected IWA Young Water Professionals Steering Committee

*from left to bottom right: Chelsea Hayward (Chair), Natasha Mumba (Vice-Chair), Claudia Prehn (Secretary), Ashton Mpofu (Strategic Advisory), Andrea Carranza Munoz (Specialist Group – YWP coordination),  Francisca Braga (Career Building), Victor Oruko (YWP Chapter Coordination),  Rita Noelle Moussa (YWP Events and Communications), Muhammad Anique Azam (Strategic Advisory), Natalie Lamb (YWP Chapter Coordination), Hayat Raza (Career Building), Marina Macedo (Specialist Group – YWP coordination) and Jacqueline Sampah Adjei (YWP Events and Communications).


The International Water Association (IWA) has announced its newly elected IWA Young Water Professionals Steering Committee. This Committee is the representative body of the IWA Young Water Professionals, who are IWA members aged 35 or below. The new committee members will serve for 2024-2026.

The Steering Committee provides advice to IWA about the young water professional perspective for the sector and the Association’s strategy. The committee encourages and enhances ways to engage new generations of water leaders and support the professional development of IWA YWP members’ activities at the national and international levels.

The committee, comprised of IWA members, is dedicated to empowering young water professionals by providing opportunities to represent and lead the YWP community, supporting YWP country chapters and events, and facilitating increased integration of YWPs in all IWA activities, with a special focus on Specialist Groups and the Strategic Council. As part of their voluntary contribution, members of this committee:

  • Build a strong professional network
  • Acquire new skills in leadership
  • Build their profile and recognition within the international water sector
  • Empower other young water professionals, as well as themselves
  • Work with their passionate peers to contribute to a water-wise world

Every two years, the IWA Young Water Professionals community elects its Steering Committee, voting following a call for applications.

The new IWA YWP SC will formally take office in August 2024 during the Emerging Water Leaders Forum, being held during the IWA #WorldWaterCongress & Exhibition in Toronto, Canada

The newly elected Chair, Chelsea Hayward, comments: “Young people have the passion, innovation and collaborative spirit to drive positive change on a scale that transcends borders. I want to help empower YWPs and foster their immense potential to pave the way towards a more water-secure world, ensuring their voice and perspectives are included in discussions and decision-making on global water matters”. Chelsea also mentions that she is “keen to increase engagement of IWA YWP members in the Asia and Pacific region” and that she wants to help the IWA YWP Community “to create meaningful impact”.

Natasha Mumba, incoming IWA YWP Vice-Chair, adds that she “intends to support the development of a more inclusive strategy that promotes the involvement of YWPs from minority backgrounds who may be marginalised due to gender, race or job titles” to “foster a more engaged and balanced membership, empowering YWPs to emerge as water leaders in their different countries and communities”.  Meanwhile, Claudia Prehn, who is taking over as the new committee Secretary, is keen to “amplify the voice and impact of young professionals in the water sector” and “strengthen the IWA YWP community’s contributions to addressing global water challenges”.

To connect with the Steering Committee of the #IWAYWP community, please link with them directly on our global platform IWA Connect Plus, and start a conversation!

If you have questions regarding the IWA YWP Community, please, contact Isabela Espindola, IWA Membership Engagement Senior Officer.

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2024-2026 IWA YWP Steering Committee
Chair Chelsea Hayward  – Consultancy representative, IWA YWP Australia Chapter (Australia)
Vice-Chair Natasha Mumba – NGO representative, IWA YWP Zambia Chapter (Zambia)
Secretary Claudia PrehnUniversity representative, IWA YWP Ecuador Chapter (Ecuador)
YWP Chapter Coordination Natalie Lamb – Industry representative, IWA YWP United Kingdom Chapter (United Kingdom)
Victor Ambuso Oruko – Utility representative, IWA YWP Kenya Chapter (Kenya)
Events and Communications Rita Noelle Moussa – University representative (United Kingdom/Lebanon)
Jacqueline Sampah Adjei – Consultancy representative, IWA YWP Ghana Chapter (Ghana)
Specialist Group (SG) – YWP Role

Andrea Carranza Munoz – Research Institute representative (Colombia/Sweden)

Marina Batalini de Macedo – University representative (Brazil)
Career Building Role Francisca Sousa Braga – Utility representative, IWA YWP Denmark Chapter (Denmark/Portugal)
Hayat Raza – Technology Suppliers representative, IWA YWP Canada Chapter (Canada/India)
Strategic Advisory Role Muhammad Anique Azam – University representative, IWA YWP Pakistan Chapter (Pakistan)
Ashton Busani Mpofu – Consultancy representative, IWA YWP South Africa Chapter (South Africa)






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