International Water Association announces newly elected IWA Young Water Professionals Steering Committee

*from left to bottom right: Agustin Landaburu (Strategic Advisory), Chelsea Hayward (Career Building), Shotaro Goto (YWP Chapter Coordination), Liudmyla Odud (Events & Communications), Jacob Kwasi Amengor (Chair), Yang Villa (Career Building), Chataigne Kiza Djuma (Events & Communications), Khoa Ngo (Specialist Group), Inês Breda (Secretary), Ashton Mpofu (Vice-Chair), Qian Li (YWP Chapter Coordination), Gokul Dayalan (Strategic Advisory) and Claudia Prehn (Specialist Group).


The International Water Association (IWA) has announced its newly elected IWA Young Water Professionals Steering Committee. This Committee is the representative body of the IWA Young Water Professionals, who are IWA members aged 35 or below. The new committee members will serve for 2022-2024.

The Steering Committee provides advice to IWA about the young water professional perspective for the sector and the Association’s strategy. The committee encourages and enhances ways to engage new generations of water leaders and support the professional development of IWA YWP members’ activities at the national and international level.

Dedicated to and passionate about supporting the empowerment of young water professionals, the committee comprises IWA members and provides them with the opportunity to represent and lead the YWP community, by supporting the YWP country chapters, supporting YWP events, supporting increased integration of YWPs in all IWA activities (with a special focus on IWA Specialist Groups, as well as through IWA’s Strategic Council). As part of their voluntary contribution, members of this committee:

  • Build a strong professional network
  • Acquire new skills in leadership
  • Build their profile and recognition within the international water sector
  • Empower other young water professionals, as well as themselves
  • Work with their passionate peers to contribute to a water-wise world

Every two years, the IWA Young Water Professionals community elects its Steering Committee, voting following a call for applications.

The new IWA YWP SC will formally take office in September 2022 during the 2022 Emerging Water Leaders Forum, being held during the IWA #WorldWaterCongress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark

The newly elected Chair, Jacob Amengor, comments: “Through this role, I look forward to perfecting my skills in diplomacy and lobbying. Also, I will use this opportunity to learn more about people management, public speaking, and collaboration. I would want to leave this role as a better manager and leader than I am now.”

Jacob also promises to “ensure a continuity of the existing strategy to reap all the benefits that come with it”. However, he wants to start new projects focused on collaboration and mentorship. He believes that “YWPs are eager to engage and share their knowledge” and that the committee should contribute to that.

Ashton Mpofu, incoming IWA YWP Vice-Chair, adds: “I would like to use this opportunity to learn to work with like-minded YWPs from across the world to contribute to the upliftment of poor communities.” Meanwhile, Ines Breda, who is taking over as the new committee Secretary, is keen “to establish a direct connection with the strategy development and mobilise YWP action through active coordination” of the committee activities.

To connect with the Steering Committee of the #IWAYWP community, please link with them directly on our global platform IWA Connect, and start a conversation!

If you have any questions regarding the IWA YWP Community, please contact Isabela Espindola, IWA Membership Engagement Officer.

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2022-2024 IWA YWP Steering Committee
Chair Jacob Amengor – Utility representative (Ghana)
Vice-Chair Ashton Mpofu – NGO representative (South Africa)
Secretary Ines Breda– Technology Supplier representative (Denmark) 
YWP Chapter Coordination Qian Li  – University representative (China)
Shotaro GotoUniversity representative (Japan)
Events and Communications Chataigne Kiza Djuma – NGO representative (Congo)
Liudmyla Odud – Utility representative (Ukraine)
Specialist Group (SG) – YWP Role

Claudia PrehnConsultancy representative (Ecuador)

Khoa NgoUniversity representative (United States)
Career Building Role Chelsea Hayward  – Consultancy representative (Australia)
Yang Villa  – Consultancy representative (Philippines)
Strategic Advisory Role


Agustin Landaburu  – Consultancy representative (Argentina) 
Gokul Dayalan – Utility representative (India)






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