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International Statistics for Water Services 2018

Information every water professional should know

The Tokyo edition 2018 of the ‘International Statistics for Water Services’ released at the IWA World Water Congress is an initiative from the IWA Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics (chaired by Ed Smeets, The Netherlands) and coordinated by the Working Group Statistics (chaired by Jan Hammenecker, commercial director of De Watergroep, Belgium). The concept of the survey was launched in the early 1990s by Renato Parena, honorary chairman of the Specialist Group, for Italian water services. Since that time, we have been producing the biennial statistics of water services worldwide.




Why a thirteenth edition of the Statistics platform?

Ed Smeets, Chairman of the Specialist Group Statistics and Economics: ‘The International Water Association (IWA) is a worldwide network of professionals, which aims to exchange scientific and professional knowledge, provided by academics and water managers, covering many aspects of the water cycle. Our Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics aims to provide a forum to debate how utilities are financed, how their various water tariff structures are, which measurement of performance they use, how they analyse their micro economics, how they manage efficiency, etc. To achieve these goals, workshops and seminars are organised annually, and papers and books are written with the scope of sharing information and experiences that focus both on fundamental and on practical issues to be considered for economic and
responsible behaviour of water utilities.’

Tokyo 2018 statistics are ready to use…

This platform enables high-level comparisons concerning abstraction, consumption, tariff structure and regulation of water services globally. This edition contains data from 39 countries and 198 cities worldwide.


Capture from the International Statistics for Water Services 2018: Total Charges For Cities In 2017 For A Consumption Of 100 M³ in US$/100 m³


‘This Tokyo edition 2018, in particular the charges and consumption section, focuses on water consumption of households. Concerning quantitative information on population, production volumes, etc., the years 2014 and 2016 are included. The information about tariffs is based on the consumption of 100 m³ and 200 m³ in 2015 and 2017. Concerning water charges, making time series is rather difficult, because of the variation in exchange rate over time, when recalculating the local currency in US dollars.’

Jan Hammenecker*, Leader of the Working Group Statistics


What’s new?

‘So, you are invited to take a closer look at the Tokyo statistics and build your own graphs. I hope that the facts and figures will add value to your own job. Keep in mind that this survey is on a world scale and that you can compare your water company at a high level.’

‘The most difficult challenge is to find the right contact person(s) for the countries. This single point of contact must be able to deliver, at the same time, data of the water sector and some country indicators. If your country is not listed in this Tokyo report and if you want to volunteer to provide us with the valuable data for your country, please let us know and send your contact details to IWA@dewatergroep.be’

Ann Bijnens**, Coordinator of the IWA Statistics


More content …

This thirteenth edition of the water statistics has the largest coverage of data of cities ever. We invite you to discover new trends in tariff structure mechanisms, for example a different VAT for drinking water, sewerage and waste water treatment is trending. Please keep in mind that the data are gathered on country and city level, not on company level.

Easier use of the website www.waterstatistics.org

The ergonomics of the digital platform have been taken to a next level. As you can see on www.waterstatistics.org the selection of the cities has been simplified: you can directly select all the cities per country in the pop-up menu.


If you want to see more of the International Statistics for Water Services, if you want to build your own graphs, if you want to see the outcome of the survey about regulation, etc., you can find all this on www.waterstatistics.org.

If you are interested in these and other activities of the IWA Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics, or even if you want to become member of their Management Committee, you can find more information on the Group’s webpage or send an email to the Secretary, Lledó Castellet.

The survey has been realised and coordinated by jan.hammenecker@dewatergroep.be and ann.bijnens@dewatergroep.be at De Watergroep, Belgium.

* Jan Hammenecker, Commercial director at De Watergroep, Belgium, and leader of the Working Group Statistics
** Ann Bijnens, Statistics expert at De Watergroep, Belgium


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