February 5, 2018 Membership

How to nominate an outstanding IWA member as a Fellow 2018

Do you know an IWA champion who has made an outstanding contribution to the water profession, helping to create a water-wise world? You can now nominate them for the IWA Fellows 2018! You are eligible to nominate if you’re an IWA member, or the company or university you work for has made you a nominated representative of IWA.

The nomination process for IWA Fellows 2018 is open until 31st of March 2018.


Before submitting your nomination, please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure your nominee for IWA Fellow meets the following criteria:
    • The nominee must have made outstanding contributions to IWA and distinguished contributions to the advancement of water science and technology as an educator, a practitioner, a utility manager, a regulator, a researcher, an engineer, a scientist or as a technical leader, etc.
    • This recognition is not only based on past achievements and contributions to the water industry in general and IWA in particular. IWA Fellows are expected to continue his/her professional contribution actively in the future, and to demonstrate the contribution of IWA members to society.
    • At the time of the nomination, the Nominee must have been an IWA member for a period of five consecutive years or more, including the year of evaluation. You can log into iwa-connect.org and search for your nominee’s profile to check when they became members.
    • Your nominee confirms the willingness to serve as an IWA Fellow.


2. Ensure you qualify as a nominator:
  • You must be an IWA member, without any affiliation to the organisation of the Nominee. You can propose any other IWA member (who has been an IWA member for a period of five consecutive years or more) as an IWA Fellow.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.


3. You can fill out the nomination online!
  • Before starting, you’ll need to provide a Nomination Letter, and a minimum of THREE supporting letters for the nominee. Supporting letters shall come from different organisations (and different countries if possible).
  • Your nominee will need to prepare and send you the following information and documents:
      • Self-Statement: Stating that, as a nominee, you are in agreement to be nominated for this award; you have read and agree with the requirements defined in the IWA Fellows Guidance Document; listing your past participation in specific IWA related activities (one of the most important criteria being considered); and stating your intention to continue contributing to the Association through your work as an IWA Fellow.
      • IWA Fellow Proposed Activity Plan: This document allows the Nominee to summarize the specific contributing activities you intend to carry on as an IWA Fellow. Examples of these activities and the corresponding template for plan submission can be downloaded here.
      • CV/Resume: Not to exceed 5 pages, summarizing educational and professional qualifications and experiences.
  • All nomination materials need to be uploaded as PDF.
  • Once the online nomination has been completed, please send an email to fellows@iwahq.org to confirm the submission. A nomination is valid only if confirmed by the IWA Secretariat.


Please click here to submit the Nomination and upload all requested documents. Remember that the deadline for Nomination submissions is 31 March 2018.

Nominations will be reviewed by the IWA Fellows Steering Committee; their recommendations are sent to the IWA Board of Directors for approval.


The new elected IWA Fellows will be honored in a ceremony at the 2018 World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo.

If you have any other questions, please email fellows@iwahq.org.

To renew your 2018 membership, please login to IWA Connect.