February 13, 2020 Membership

Do you know the next IWA Young Leadership awardee?

Do you know a young water leader who is demonstrating leadership? Who sets goals beyond her/himself? Who takes initiative? Who motivates others? Who is a role model for his or her peers? And through this is making an impact?

Then you should nominate them for the IWA Young Leadership Award today or at least before 20 April 2020.

“The IWA Young Leadership Award provides recognition and profile for the winner; and as such supports their empowerment within our association, and within the international water community”

As part of IWA Awards and Recognition programme 2020, the IWA Young Leadership Award is granted to an exceptional water professional of 35 years or under who has demonstrated outstanding leadership potential and the ability to play a large and influential role in the water industry in the future.

There will only be one winning prize awarded for the Young Leadership Award. The Young Leadership Award winner will:

  • Receive a Trophy and Certificate at a prestigious event – The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition – in front of an audience of water leaders from around the world.
  • Be introduced to IWA Leadership Committees (IWA Board, Strategic Council, Governing Member Committees, Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee) during the President’s Dinner before the start of the World Water Congress & Exhibition.
  • Gain Profile: Be Introduced to the IWA network through a Video and get two formal profiling times during your tenure, besides being known as the IWA Young Leadership Award Winner 2020 forever.
  • Hold the position of IWA Young Leader Ambassador throughout a tenure of 2 years. As Ambassador, you are requested to encourage more young water professionals to get to know the IWA, and understand its opportunities. You will:
    • Receive a personalised IWA induction to make the most of your membership (allowing you to better contribute to the role of IWA Young Leader Ambassador)
    • Get invited as Inspirational Speaker during the opening of one of IWA’s Regional Young Water Professionals Conferences.
    • Optional: Get the opportunity to join the Emerging Water Leaders Committee meetings
    • Optional: Get the opportunity to represent IWA YWP community at (IWA) Water related events worldwide

How the nomination process works

Nominations are open to everyone, but the nominee must meet the Eligibility Criteria. All applications are made on a confidential basis. Nominations must be submitted via IWA’s platform.

First Round Nominations – Deadline 20 April

The first round of nominations for the Young Leadership Award is open until 20 April 2020. First-round submissions will comprise a biography and 500 word motivation on why you think this young water professional needs to win the award

Judges select top 5 Candidates for Full submission – 11 May 2020

The judges will assess all submissions and pick the top 5 candidates for full submission.

Second Round Nominations – Deadline 1 June 2020

Second-round submissions require a more detailed motivation, along with supporting documentation and images. Submissions for this round are open from 11 May to 1 June 2020.

Presentation of Award at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2020 – 18-23 October 2020

Award winners will be announced at the President’s dinner during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark on 18 October 2020 and be announced during the Congress.

To read more about the eligibility and judging criteria and start your nomination click here.


2018 Young Leadership Award Winner

Jacob Amengor is the recipient of the award in 2018 and works as the Water Quality Supervisor at Ghana Water Company Limited.

Read more about Jacob, here.