Digital Water Summit 2023: Unveiling the Final Programme and Keynote Speakers

Bilbao País Vasco Euskadi 14-09-2013 La ría, la pasarela Calatrava o puente Zubizuri y las Torres Isozaki © FOTOGRAFO: MITXI

The IWA Digital Water Summit 2023, which takes place 14 to 16 November in Bilbao, Spain, is your exclusive gateway to the future of water management. This transformative event focuses on digitalisation and boasts a lineup of keynote speakers ready to inspire you and reshape the water industry as we know it. Do not miss these captivating discussions!

Keynote 1: Khalid H. Al-Jamea – Director of Sea Water Injection Department at Aramco, Saudi Arabia  

Khalid H. Al-Jamea will share how digitalisation can solve the sustainability balance. Learn from the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals company and discover how digital transformation can revolutionise sustainable water management. Get ready to explore the dynamic interplay of water, energy, and carbon and witness the creative power of digital transformation in action.  

Keynote 2: Fernando Cortabitarte – Director of the Water Cycle at Acciona, Spain  

Dive into the world of data management and its profound impact on the water industry with Fernando Cortabitarte and his take on the impact of digitalisation in the water sector. His insights will reshape your understanding of how data can give your business a competitive edge.  

Keynote 3: Wim Audenaert – CEO and Co-founder of AM Team, Belgium  

Wim will transport you into a world where digitalisation goes beyond an objective. Discover how it offers a unique opportunity to tackle industry challenges, from evolving consumer needs to the climate crisis. Witness the future of the digital water industry and learn how digital tools are revolutionising the way we manage water.  

Keynote 4: Jorge Helmbrecht – Business Development Director, Idrica, Spain  

Jorge Helmbrecht will take you on a journey on digital sustainability. With climate-related events and growing demand, water utilities face a rapidly changing landscape. Learn how these challenges can be met while upholding sustainability standards through the power of digital transformation.  

Keynote 5: Rebekah Eggers – Global Client Engagement & Innovation Director, Energy & Resources Sector at IBM, USA  

Rebekah Eggers will show us how to harness the power of data and AI for a resilient water future. Experience the intersection of technology, data, and the water sector, and discover how AI and data are paving the way for a resilient water future. Be ready to be inspired by the potential of data to shape the industry’s digitalisation journey.  

Join us at the IWA Digital Water Summit, where innovation and collaboration are at the forefront in the digital era. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain invaluable insights, and be an active participant in shaping the future of digital water management.

The final programme is out now! Please find it here or download the document below:

Not yet registered? We have a few places left and we strongly encourage you to secure your tickets as soon as possible to join us in Bilbao next week.


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