April 29, 2021 Industry

Digital Congress keynote speakers announced

Two prominent individuals from academia and the environmental community have been announced as keynote speakers for the upcoming IWA Digital World Water Congress.

Professor David Sedlak of UC Berkeley (USA), and Emma Howard Boyd of the Environment Agency (England), will be speaking during the virtual event. David is set to speak during the opening ceremony, while Emma will give her keynote during the session opening week two.

David Sedlak is a renowned academic and water engineering researcher at UC Berkeley, California, where he also acts as Co-Director of the Berkeley Water Center. Sedlak is a recipient of numerous awards including the Paul Busch Award for Innovation in Applied Water Quality Research and the Clarke Prize for Excellence in Water Research.  He is also the author of “Water 4.0: The Past, Present and Future of the World’s Most Vital Resource.

In relation to the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech at the digital World Water Congress, Sedlak commented:

“It is a true honor to speak to the IWA community about some of the opportunities to create a better water future.”

Emma Howard Boyd is the Chair of the Environment Agency, a public body responsible for the protection and enhancement of the environment in England. Emma is also a board member of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA). She has a background in finance and has been involved as board member or advisor to numerous environmental organisations such as the Green Finance Institute, the Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment, and the European Climate Foundation.

“I’m delighted to be speaking at IWA’s Digital World Water Congress. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to engage with an international audience, all committed to securing a more water-wise world in the face of climate shocks. We all need to join the race to a resilient world.”

IWA Director of Marketing and Communications Mike Morgan-Giles commented:

“IWA is delighted to confirm that David Sedlak and Emma Howard Boyd will be keynote speakers at our virtual water congress. Emma and David are strongly committed to improving how water is managed and protecting the environment.”

“We anticipate their speeches will inspire and engage congress delegates and the next generation of young water professionals looking to embark on a journey towards a water-wise world.”

The Digital World Water Congress will take place virtually over the course of two weeks, between 24 May and 4 June 2021 and includes 32 hours of presentations from scientists, academics and sector thought leaders. For the programme overview, please click here.

Registration is still open for the event, which also includes networking, the screening of three documentaries, and presentation of the IWA Awards. Register now at digital.worldwatercongress.org.

David Sedlak
David Sedlak
Professor, UC Berkeley
Emma Howard Boyd
Emma Howard Boyd
Chair of the Environment Agency, England