October 25, 2022 Membership

Copenhagen Specialist Groups Leaders Forum highlights exchange of knowledge and experience among experts

On Saturday 10 September 2022 IWA Specialist Groups leaders met for their biennial Forum, ahead of the IWA 2022 World Water Congress & Exhibition (WWC&E) in Copenhagen.

IWA’s 50 Specialist Groups (SGs) cover a wide range of subjects and are one of the main mechanisms for like-minded IWA members to network and share knowledge. They connect people from across disciplines and across national boundaries to accelerate the science, innovation and practice exchange that can make a difference in addressing water challenges and push the sustainability agenda. Spread across IWA’s membership in more than 150 countries, SGs are an effective means of international networking, sharing information and skills, and making professional and business contacts.

Each group is self-managed and led by a Management Committee which oversees the activities, events, and communication with the members of each SG. The leaders (i.e., Chair, Co-chair, Secretary) of each SG meet every two years on the occasion of the IWA WWC&E at the SG Leaders Forum.  The Forum is one of the best opportunities for SGs to discuss and work together on facilitating networking and knowledge exchange mechanisms, allowing greater interaction, collaboration and better access to the networks’ knowledge and expertise, as well as strategic planning and implementation.

The SG Leaders Forum provides a unique face-to-face opportunity for the IWA SGs leaders to communicate with each other and also with the IWA Secretariat. During the SG Leaders Forum 2022, SG Leaders had the opportunity to discuss issues relating to IWA strategies, exchange experiences on SG management and member engagement, and link with other IWA Communities and new initiatives. During World Café roundtables, SGs Leaders focused on strategic discussion on four topics:

  1. Collaboration with other SGs
  2. Post-covid world: future planning for SGs
  3. Virtual Formats and Learnings: dos and don’ts
  4. Communication with members and SGs management

The event and discussions highlighted challenges and opportunities for SGs in exchanging knowledge and experiences as members and leaders of the largest global water association.

Members can now download the SG Leaders Forum Report on the Treasure Chest of IWA Connect Plus and read the key points of these discussions as well as a summary of the Forum.

For any questions about IWA Specialist Groups, please contact Rachna Sarkari at Rachna.sarkari@iwahq.org

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