January 25, 2017

Call for Statements of Interest to Host IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2019

In 2019, IWA will organize the 6th Water and Development Congress & Exhibition. As in the past, we wish to do this in close cooperation with a local partner. Through this email, I invite you to submit your Statement of Interest to Host the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition in 2019. Please find attached the Guidelines for Venue Proposal. Please note that the deadline for receiving Statements of Intent is 10 February 2017.

The International Water Association has held four – Mexico (2009), Malaysia (2011), Kenya (2013), Jordan (2015) – successful Water and Development Congress & Exhibitions with next event in the series scheduled for Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2017. It is a landmark water event conducted every 2 years in a lower or middle income country attracting up to 1500 delegates and participants.

Each event has had a slightly different focus and has seen a recognition that “Aid based Development” as we know it is no longer adequate to meet the growing water challenges that come with growing economic strength. The transition of developing countries into emerging economies pushes national water sectors to build their own capacities and move beyond being a consumer of overseas aid and advice only. Strengthened water sectors bring the potential to develop solutions oriented partnerships with national, regional and international companies and organisations.

With the transformation to emerging economies also comes the opportunity and ability to be supplier of innovative solutions, tailored advice, new technologies, alternative approaches and new business opportunities. The process of South – South cooperation and adoption of appropriate technologies in a regional and global context is a vital element of speeding up the implementation of (new) solutions for the water challenges faced by emerging economies.

For further information please read the attached guidelines.

For questions related to the process of the venue selection, please contact Keith Robertson (keith.robertson@iwahq.org)


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