March 10, 2020

Be a part of the Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee 2020-2022

We are looking for passionate, motivated IWA members (aged 35 and below) to lead the IWA young water professionals community!

Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee

The IWA renews its Emerging Water Leaders steering committee every 2 years (aligned with the World Water Congress). This a representative body of young members (35 and below) that will provide advice to the association about the appropriate ways to serve young professionals needs, and leads its community to contribute to IWA’s activities at national and international level. At the same time the committee leads an active young water professional community, provides regional representation for young IWA members and actively pursues opportunities to contribute to the network.

Your opportunity to engage

This is your opportunity to make an impact for young water professionals around the world and ensure that young professional members of IWA are highly regarded as a valid part of IWA’s solutions and appreciated in the water sector.

Benefits for you

At the same time you will advance yourself professionally, gaining international exposure –  building your network with young and senior professionals (gaining access to IWA senior leaders), developing new skills specific to the positions, having the opportunity to influence and lead large meetings, workshops/ forums organised by IWA Emerging Water Leaders and the Young Water Professional members.

Interested? Here’s what to do…

You can read the detailed terms of reference and apply for the positions that have been opened:

  • Chair (position is only open for current Steering Committee members)
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Strategic Advisory Role (two positions available: one open for Members and one only for YWPs on the Strategic Council)
  • YWP chapter Coordination
  • Events and Communication Coordination
  • Specialist Group –YWP coordination
  • Career Building Role

Are you eligible? 

Here are the minimum requirements to be eligible for the committee:

  • Have been an IWA Member for at least 1 year
  • 35 years old or younger upon election (June 2020)
  • Fulfil the criteria per role (as per described below).
  • Support from your employer to fulfil the role

The specific roles have their own additional eligibility:

  • Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary: Must be a committee member of the preceding term, or an IWA member who has proven engagement in IWA (Sub-committees, SGs, Events, YWP chapter committee, strategic council, etc)
  • Strategic advisory: one of the two is IWA member who has proven engagement in IWA (Sub-committees, SGs, Events, YWP chapter committee, strategic council, etc), the second position is offered to Strategic Council members only.
  • Specialist Group: Must have been engaged in Specialist Groups (eg. YWP affiliate, SG events, SG management committee)
  • Communications and Events: Must have served on IWA (YWP) Conference/ workshop/events committees
  • Career Building: Must have been involved in IWA communities (eg. Young Water Professionals Chapters; Specialist groups), IWA workshops (eg. Career development workshops)

How to apply? Do it before 8 May 2020!

    • Prepare:
      • An Employer Support letter – specifying the employer will allow and fund two travels per term to attend IWA Congresses/ IWA YWP Conferences.
      •  A 2 page CV – Detailing education, work experience, voluntary experience, and special skill
    • Fill in the application form; applying for a specific role in the committee, describing their motivation for that role both in terms of what they can give and what they want to learn, describe prior engagement with IWA, providing overview of their commitment to represent the IWA members in their region as well as time commitment.

Read our Guidance Document for more information about the Committee!