May 26, 2015 Environment

$116.9 Billion Worth of Projects in the Mena Region

The top ten project owners and top ten contractors will be important players together with regulators and other governmental players of the region. Disseminating information on technology and solutions will be key to ensure resilient infrastructure. Reusing water is in line with IWA’s 5Rs vision of new water management: reduce, reuse, recover, recycle and replenish. IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2015 Congress Director, Keith Robertson, tweets:

Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi set targets to increase reuse capacity by 91% to 9 million m3/d.

Reducing loss of water and increasing water efficiency can reduce costs and lower water stress. Re-using industrial and domestic water can be truly transformative for entire regions. Recovering water, energy, nutrients and other materials from wastewater is becoming more economically viable; recycling precious nutrients forms the basis of the cyclical green economy. Finally, the future of water management is already here in the form of successful pilots and large-scale applications to replenish the environment through restoring watersheds, lakes and groundwater reserves.



Redefining water sources in the Middle East and North Africa region is about sharing knowledge and information. The  Water & Development Congress & Exhibition 2015 will be a showcase to meet solutions and leading edge technology, namely in the water and waste water water services sectors.

Countries in the region are developing their infrastructure to meet growing population challenges. Securing future water resources in a region with extraordinary potential for sustainable development.

Information by IWA’s WDCE 2015 Strategic Partner

The Middle East and North Africa Network of Water Centers of Excellence is a regional association of research and educational institutions that are working collaboratively with governments, businesses and civil society organizations across the region to solve longstanding water issues through cutting-edge collaborative research, capacity building, and knowledge sharing. At the Congress the Network will present the results and impact of its ongoing applied research initiatives, and will announce exciting new partnerships and research funding opportunities.