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Water Safety Portal

Organization World Health Organization, International Water Association
Author WHO, IWA
Year 2018
Topics Drinking Water Systems, Urban Water Management, Water & Health
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


The Water Safety Portal is a toolbox for the Water Safety Planning approach and is jointly sponsored by IWA and WHO.

Water Safety Portal aims to contribute to improving and maintaining the safety of drinking water supplies through the effective implementation of WSPs, a catchment to consumer risk assessment and management approach advocated for by IWA and WHO as the most effective means of consistently ensuring the safety of a drinking water supply. The WSPortal is achieving this through collecting and disseminating case studies, tools, and other resources, which provide practical guidance and evidence-based material of relevance that can be applied appropriately for a range of circumstances.  

It is a platform that promotes an active interaction between governments, practitioners and implementers, allowing water and public health sector professionals to exchange experiences and foster collaboration.

The main objectives of the Water Safety Portal are:

  1. To serve as a resource library, through which users can share information by uploading and downloading documents (guidelines, templates, training materials, case studies etc.);
  2. Give an introduction to Water Safety Planning with a brief overview of the concept with easy links to sources of further information;
  3. Allow for various users to actively interact;
  4. Keep visitors and registered users updated on news and events related to Water Safety Planning.