• Resource recovery

Resource recovery: new realities and leading practices

Organization IWA
Author Willy Verstraete
Year 2014
Topics Resource Recovery and Reuse, Treatment Technologies, Water & Climate Change
Level of action Water-wise Cities / Urban Level


Willy Verstraete R&D focuses on microbial research management and resource recovery. Willy Verstraete has been instrumental in the creation of several successful spin-offs in the field of applied microbial ecology. He has won many national and international awards. Willy Verstraete is emeritus professor at Gent University and he obtained a PhD degree in the field of microbiology at Cornell University. He was co-chair of the Working Party on Environmental Biotechnology of the European Federation for Biotechnology, General-Secretary of the European Environmental Research Organisation, and president of the Belgian branch of IWA. Currently, Willy Verstraete serves as IWA Resource Recovery Cluster Chair, and is a member of many scientific boards.