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Keynote Address: The Blue Economy

Organization IWA
Author Gunter Pauli - Keynote Speakers at World Water Congress en Exhibition , Brisbane 2016.
Year 2016
Topics Basin and Water Resources, Drinking Water Systems, Urban Water Management, Water & Environment, Water & Cities, Water & Climate Change, Water & society
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


Irrigate with sea water? Farm and have drinking water as a by-product? Increase water retention with carbon? Innovation and inspiration from Gunter Pauli, the founder of the ZERI Think Tank, ranked as one of the top in the world for innovative policy advise. Starting as an entrepreneur, but influenced by the work of the Club of Rome, he set out on a mission to ensure that business would become a vehicle in society’s capacity to respond to its urgent needs. With over $4billion invested in +200 projects his teams have demonstrated a capacity to translate vision into reality