Master Lecture: How to close the nutrients loop by recycling phosphorus from wastewater streams?

Organization International Water Association
Author Prof. Hisao Ohtake
Topics Resource Recovery and Reuse
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


Phosphorus is essential to human life and vital for food production. Increasing attention has been paid to the development of phosphorus refinery technology that can recover phosphorus from secondary resources, including sewage sludge, animal manure and industrial wastes, and use recovered phosphorus products for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Prof. Hisao Ohtake, Guest Professor of Phosphorus Atlas Research Institute at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, presents full-scale practices of phosphorus recovery and recycling from waste streams and an innovative phosphorus value chain that can extract the maximum value from secondary phosphorus resources and make phosphorus recycling business more attractive and beneficial.

This Master Lecture was recorded during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Tokyo 2018