• water security

Keynote address: Managing water security in a rapidly urbanising environment

Organization IWA
Author James Lynch
Year 2016
Topics Urban Water Management, Water & Environment
Level of action Water-wise Cities / Urban Level


Cities are the drivers of economic growth. In many countries up to 70-80% of GDP is generated in  cities. But cities need water to survive and thrive,  to sustain their populations but also to sustain and attract businesses, growth and opportunities. Strategically, managing water  security is essential. There are different approaches to manage water from the supply side and the demand side. But an emerging challenge is how to ensure resilience to the impacts of climate change

During his presentation, James Lynch presents an overview of National Water Security in Asia and the Pacific to later focus on emerging areas of concern or the urban water security in the region. it finally closes with recommendation on how to manage water security in cities, followed by examples in the Asia region.

James Lynch is Deputy Director General, Pacific Department at Asian Development Bank (ADB), with more than twenty years of international experience in infrastructure finance, project development, regional cooperation and managing partnerships with government counterparts, the private sector and civil society. Currently a senior executive at the Asian Development Bank responsible for strategic planning, policy analysis and management of the Bank’s operations in the Pacific.

The ADB’s operational strategies department for the Pacific developing member countries – including economic analyses, policy analyses, and country performance reviews – is responsible for the entire range of ADB operations in the region, including the preparation, appraisal, and administration of loans and technical assistance projects.