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Integrating Nature-Based Solutions for Water in Urban Water Infrastructure. Part 2

Organization International Water Association
Author Tom Armour and Jianbin Wang - Master Lecture at the World Water Congress & Exhibition
Year 2018
Topics Basin and Water Resources, Treatment Technologies, Urban Water Management, Wastewater systems, Water & Environment
Level of action Water-wise Cities / Urban Level


How to best integrate natural-based solutions with conventional urban water infrastructure to enhance the water resilience, livability and sustainability of cities and towns?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) encompass the full spectrum of activities in enhancing ecosystem services; from nature conservation to biomimicry. Nature conservation and restoration, including regional planning for the protection of natural assets; the restoration of degraded environments such as mangroves and wetlands, reforestation of watershed, and the rehabilitation of degraded waterways. Within an urban context, nature-based solutions include the combination of biomimicry through constructed systems embedded into the built form.

During this second part,  Examples of water sensitive urban design and other related international programs will be provided of how green infrastructure is being incorporated within the urban water systems at allotment and precinct scale through innovative building and landscape architectural design form. Discussion will include how water sensitive design principles can be integrated within city & regional planning with examples from around the world to illustrate the current practices and benefits, as well as some of the technical, economical & political barriers to be overcome to ensure further diffusion of this way of thinking.

Guess speakers are Tom Armour and Jianbin Wang.   ( 1:01)Tony Armour is ARUP’s Global Landscape Architecture Leader and he has extensive experience with the implementation of Nature-Based solutions within cities.  He introduces the Landscape Architect’s perspective on water-nature based solutions. (21:10) Jianbin Wang is International Engagement Manager at CRC for Water Sensitive Cities and he has  implemented many projects in China introducing NBS. He discusses the scalability of NBS for realizing water sensitive cities.