• Water training resources

IHE – DELFT Open Courseware

Organization IHE Delft
Author IHE Delft
Year 2017
Topics Basin and Water Resources, Drinking Water Systems, Water and Information and Communication Technology, Resource Recovery and Reuse, Treatment Technologies, Urban Water Management, Wastewater systems, Water Governance, Regulation and Utility Management, Water & Environment, Water & Cities, Water & Climate Change
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


IHE DELFT is committed to solving the world’s water crisis by educating the water leaders of the future, particularly those from developing countries and countries in transition.The demand for water education by far exceeds the number of professionals that the Institute can train.

IHE DELFT bridges this gap by making education available. We present you – in the course frame as we use it – quality educational materials, including lectures and supporting materials such as course notes, PowerPoint presentations, exercises, tools, models and public domain software to be freely available and easily retrievable.