Consciousness of Water

Organization IWA
Author Rudy de Waele
Year 2018
Topics Water & Environment
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


How are technology trends, such as IoT, Genetics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence impacting our collective daily lives? What impact is the digital transformation having in the water sector?

In this talk, futurist, innovation strategist and change agent, content curator and author, Rudy de Waele highlights some of the world’s cutting edge technologies that are disrupting the sector. From drone-based water leakage detection to edible seaweed-based water balls, new technologies exist that can improve water resources management, provide basin-level insights to manage water risk, create advanced materials for producing new sources of water, or provide smart water and sanitation services at much lower cost.

As automation starts replacing repetitive and predictable tasks, and machine learning renders the knowledge society obsolete, this raises the question: what will be the workforce of the future? Rudy de Waele, who has assisted global brands, entrepreneurs and startups, companies and organisations re-inventing and transforming their business believes that conscious leadership and collaboration across the entire water ‘ecosystem’ will be the bastion of a new economy based on unique human to human services – traits that machines can’t replace.