Webinar – Water efficiency in cities & drought

International Water Association Efficient Urban Water Management

Target Audience

IWA members, Specialist group members Efficient Urban Water Management group members, utility staff, government agency staff, researchers, consultants and practitioners.


Droughts affect major urban areas around the world and the frequency and intensity of drought is expected to worsen as climate change continues. This webinar will cover the experience of the Australian Millennium drought with a reference to the Californian drought and also the recent experience in Sao Paulo. It will discuss the strategies and lessons from the Australian Millennium drought and how that can be applied to other regions and also highlight those options which had the greatest success factors.

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Learning Objectives

The participants after the session should have a sufficient knowledge to assess strategies for responding to drought in the urban water context, to distinguish between strategies which are more or less successful, to have a familiarity with key terms and concepts to be applied when considering drought response strategies, and to be aware of the current best practice thinking in relation to urban water supply demand planning with a focus on water efficiency.


Corinne Trommsdorff (IWA-Netherlands)