Webinar: Rainwater Revolution: From draining to harvesting for the cities of the future

IWA Rainwater Harvesting

Target Audience

Practitioners, city planners, politicians, researchers interested on understanding the role of RWHM in achieving SDG 6 and SDG 11.


TIME: 10:00 hrs CET (GMT +1:00)

HOST: Hong Li ( IWA)

MASTER LECTURER: Mooyoung Han ( Seoul National University, Chair IWA Specialist Group on Rainwater Harvesting and Management)

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Most of the world water problems such as flooding, drought, water shortage, water pollution, heat island are all related to rainwater. Appropriate Rainwater Harvesting and Management (RWHM) can mitigate many water management challenges, and enhance the resilience.

During the webinar the concept of RAIN CITY will be introduced. A RAIN CITY is one in which all citizens understand the benefits of rainwater, and laws and regulations support collecting rainwater instead of allowing it to drain away. Based on social consensus, and bringing together technology and economics, the Rain City will help achieve the SDGs(6,11)

Based in the master lecture delivered in the WWCE 2017 held in Brisbane, this session summarized findings of 15 years research, practice and case studies on multi-purpose RWHM.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants will be able to
• Consider ways to unlock the potential of rainwater
• Understand the philosophy behind the rainwater management
• Understand the concept of a Rain City
• Describe the role of rainwater management within the design of cities
• Describe the potential of RWHM to solve SDG6
• Understand why innovations are needed in economics, social consensus, supportive laws and regulations to ensure a widespread uptake of RWH technologies