Webinar: Flood Modelling in the Cloud


Target Audience

Anyone interested in flood modelling.


Is this a flood analysis revolution? With every advance in modelling and computing, flood risk practitioners demand even more from their tools. Projects are requiring more detailed analysis, more scenarios, more variables, and all coupled with a better quantification and understanding of uncertainty. This webinar discusses the rise of the cloud and ‘software as a service’, including how you can run thousands of TUFLOW, HEC-RAS and Flood Modeller simulations in the cloud. It will then talk about model building, running and results processing using tools such as Flood Cloud.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is to inform the international water industry on the latest trends. We work with industry professionals, government, education and research organisations who cultivate strong ties between water, science, policy and practice.


Australian Water School


  • Tyler Jantzen Tyler Jantzen is a water resources engineer specializing in flood risk management, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, climate change adaptation, and stream restoration for Jacobs in Seattle.