Computational Fluid Dynamics: applications and good modelling practice

IWA Specialist Group Modelling and Integrated Assessment Computational Fluid Dynamics, Modelling, hydrodynamics

Target Audience

Utility managers and technologists, consultants, WRRF and drinking water plant designers (= the problem owners) as well as academics and modelers in general. This webinar is meant to be accessible and relevant for both experts and non-experts in CFD. The emphasis on case-studies gives non-experts a hands-on introduction to CFD, while experts expand their horizon.


This webinar demonstrates the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the context of (waste) water treatment. Three parts are foreseen:
Intro: what is CFD and which options are available to answer which type of practical questions? This intro is meant for non-experts, and kept short in order not to lose more experienced participants from the start.
Applications. A set of case-studies (both water and wastewater) from practice illustrating the added value of CFD in decision making.
Good Modelling Practice. The current consensus on GMP with regards to CFD.

Learning Objectives

After the webinar, the participants will learn about:
… the importance of hydrodynamics/mixing in different (waste)water contexts and which type of questions need CFD to be answered properly.
… the current state of the art in (waste)water related CFD potential
… the power of CFD in decision support by means of practical examples
… Good Modelling Practice to soundly conduct a CFD project
In essence, participants will get a new view on this relatively new modelling tool in the context of (waste)water, and be able to place this knowledge in the broader context of their daily occupation.


Ingmar Nopens, Ghent University, Belgium