Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries Part 1: Understanding Complex Problems

University of Manchester Water Supply and Sanitation

Target Audience

This course is aimed at Under Graduate and Post Graduate students with an interest in this topic area.


Our course explores what can be done to solve the complex problem that half a billion people worldwide do not have improved water supplies and two billion do not have improved sanitation. We look forward to you joining us. We want to help you develop the skills you need to address this major global challenge of the 21st century.

Our course has informative video lectures and guest interviews with leading water policy scholars and practitioners. We will provide you with discussion forum topic prompts, which will invite you to engage with other learners from around the globe. Our MOOC will also ask you to attempt weekly quizzes and a challenging assignment that tackles a real water and sanitation problem in a difficult setting

– Introducing Key Facts about Water and Sanitation Services
– Understanding the Political Economy of Water
– Supply-Side Costs of Water and Sanitation Services
– Understanding Demand-Side Issues of Water Supply
– Exploring Health Benefits and Climate Change Issues
– Development Paths for Water and Sanitation Services

Learning Objectives