Water Scarcity: Crisis and Response

Colorado State University Water Scarcity

Target Audience

This course is for anyone interested in learning about water scarcity, sustainability, and conflicts that arise over water. You don’t need any past experience


What happens when water runs out, and why does it occur? How can we ensure an adequate fresh water supply for all?

These are some of the questions you will ask and answer on this course. You will examine the dual nature of water scarcity, first examining reasons for diminishing supplies, like growing human populations, climate, lifestyle, poor water management, and poor governance. You will then learn about the conflicts that arise over water, and most importantly you will learn what can be done to ensure adequate supplies for people and nature.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

-Explore the dual nature and varied causes of freshwater scarcity.
-Reflect on the conflicts that arise in response to freshwater scarcity.
-Investigate what can be done to improve access to freshwater for people and nature.
-Modify your own behavior around water consumption and sustainability.