Water Reform and Governance

International WaterCentre Online

Target Audience

This course is for those wanting to understand and influence water reform and governance models. This includes practicitioners, policy makers, decision makers, scientists, NRM Groups, private section, and water associations.

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Taking lessons from Australia and across the globe, this course will support participants to understand policy reform in different contexts and levels of government. Consideration will be given to principles for reforms, along with a look at institutions and process for planning and allocation of water resources.

The course is designed for participants from multiple disciplines to encourage diverse peer to peer discussions and interactive experiences.

A blend of theoretical learning and practical experiences in water reform and governance will be applied in virtual classrooms to explore international and local case studies

Learning Objectives

The Key Topics Include:
– Short history of failures in water governance
– Introduction to water reform and OECD Principles
– A narrative of the Australian and international water reform and governance models
– Mechanisms, incentives and drivers of reforms in Australia
– Common key successes of reform processes
– Translation of these lessons into different country contexts
– A look at the directions and possible drivers of future reforms