Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring

IHE Delft Water Quality Monitoring

Target Audience

Young and mid-career professionals (scientists, consultants, decision makers) with a background in Water management or Environmental science.


The course will provide you with the background needed to design effective water quality monitoring networks of surface waters.

The fundamental question of why we monitor will be discussed, along with what water quality variables to monitor in relation to different objectives. Participants will design a monitoring network, and open source tools to gather information for monitoring will be explored. Finally, participants will work on ensuring data quality, and on statistical analyses of water quality data.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
– Explain the impacts of major pollutants on the quality of natural waters.
– Apply appropriate methods to assess the chemical, biological, and microbial quality in natural waters in relation to their anticipated use.
– Explain the possibilities and limitations of water quality models.
– Design and evaluate water quality monitoring networks for different types of surface water and groundwater in relation to set objectives.
– Report the results of water quality assessment and monitoring programmes using appropriate statistical tools for interpretation and presentation of large data sets.