Water Management and Governance

IHE Delft Master of Science


You can compose your own study trajectory within the Water Management and Governance Master Programme. After a foundation phase during which you are exposed to the different disciplines involved in the water management domain, you can compile a study profile from a wide range of available courses and a variety of thesis research topics to ensure that the educational programme is fully aligned with your professional needs. You will be guided in this process by professional coaches who will encourage you to reflect on your knowledge and skills, advice you on career possibilities and assist you in selecting a suitable tailor-made or thematic study profile. The coaches have extensive knowledge on the needs of the water sector in various parts of the world and your employer will be consulted in the process.

Course Objectives

Once you have successfully completed this programme, you will be able to:

– describe the rational for an integrated and interdisciplinary approach for managing the water system;
– identify and critically assess the different functions of the water resources system and the – often competing – interests of the various water users;
– design, apply and evaluate models for institutional arrangements with emphasis on institutional reforms, policy development and good governance;
– conduct, independently or in a multidisciplinary team, research.

The eventual learning objectives depend on the thematic study profile, in which you can enroll during the course of the programme. There are four thematic study profiles
– Water Conflict Management
– Water Resources Management
– Water Services Management
– Water Quality Management