Water Management and Governance

IHE Delft institute for Water Education Master of Science


The programme brings together the scientific study of water resources with practical planning and management skills. Participants are encouraged to study water management from a multi-disciplinary perspective and to seek integrated solutions. Twelve months of blended and innovative learning methods, including lectures, laboratory and field work, case studies, group work, role-plays and self-study, are complemented by six months of applied research in the field of water management theory and practice.

Course Objectives

The Water Management and Governance Masters Programme aims to develop knowledge, insight and skills required to design, implement and evaluate water management policies and strategies to achieve effective governance of water resources. Once they have successfully completed this programme, graduates will be able to:
– Describe the rational for an integrated and interdisciplinary approach for managing the water system;
– Identify and critically assess the different functions of the water resources system and the – often competing – interests of the various water users;
– Design, apply and evaluate models for institutional arrangements with emphasis on institutional reforms, policy development and good governance;
– Conduct, independently or in a multidisciplinary team, research.