Water loss reduction – methods and strategy development


Target Audience

Leading / executive staff of water utilities (in developing countries) whose field of work is related to water loss reduction, e.g. from the following departments:

operations / water distribution
engineering / planning / hydraulic modelling
leakage managers / water loss intervention teams


The training program consists of four modules that are offered as a 4-day in-house training.

Module 1: Understanding water losses: this module imparts basic knowledge concerning water loss management, the different types of water losses, their causes and impacts, how to calculate a water balance according to the IWA standard, how to calculate performance indicators as basis for the development of a technical strategy for water loss reduction.

Module 2: Information systems and hydraulic modelling for water loss management:this module deals with the data prerequisites for water loss management and introduces the principal information systems available to aid in data management. The design of district metered areas using hydraulic modelling is explained.

Module 3: Methods and instruments for water loss reduction: this module imparts the basic knowledge about the four principal intervention methods applied to reduce water losses with a focus on infrastructure management (operation and maintenance, avoidance/prevention and repair).

Module 4 – Integrated water utility approach and way forward: this module introduces an integrated perspective to water utilities and enables the participants to conduct first steps towards the development of an action plan for water los reduction.

Learning Objectives