Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering: Physicochemical Technology

Tsinghua University WWT Engineering

Target Audience

For professionals with Principles of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Monitoring and Water Treatment Microbiology


This introductory environmental science, environmental engineering and municipal engineering course will explore how physicochemical technology and techniques are applied to water and wastewater treatment. We will explore the basic calculation method, composition of structures and operation characteristics, and the latest advancements in water and wastewater treatment technology. Main physicochemical units, including coagulation and flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration, disinfection, oxidation and reduction, membrane separation and ionic exchange, will be covered.

Learning Objectives

What you will learn:

– Basic principles and characteristics of physicochemical technology in water and wastewater treatment
– Composition of structures and operation characteristics
– Technological advancements in water and wastewater treatment technology