Water and Climate Change / Online Discussion

IWA and Cobalt Water Global climate change and water

Target Audience

Utility managers, technology providers, researchers, policy experts, water professionals, and consultants


This year’s UN World Water Day theme is Water and Climate Change. CLIMATE CHANGE AND WATER ARE INEXTRICABLY LINKED. What we do with water in cities can impact climate change, and climate change can impact water and exacerbate water scarcity in cities where people are already lacking access to safe drinking water. Acting now has never had more meaning. There are a number of things we can be doing to take Climate Action in the Water Sector and the time to act is now.

Learning Objectives

What is a Climate Smart Water Utility and climate actions the water sector can be taking from various levels while engaging the community.


Moderator: Jose Porro, CEO Cobalt Water Global


  • Diane d'Arras, President, IWA
  • Corinne Trommsdorff, CEO, Water Cities
  • Jared Genova, Advisor, I See Change
  • Ariane Brotto, Senior Carbon and Energy Consultant, Jacobs
  • Alexandra Deeke, Senior Advisor, Waterboard De Dommel