Wastewater Disinfection Modelling

IWA Disinfection Modelling

Target Audience

Utility managers and technologists, consultants, WRRF and drinking water plant designers, as well as academics and modelers with interest in disinfection and advanced oxidation of water and wastewater.


This is the first in a two-part webinar series where we will illustrate and discuss the fundamentals behind disinfection and advanced oxidation processes (applied water and wastewater treatment) will first be introduced.

Subsequently, speakers will present established as well as emerging modelling methodologies, and the role such methodologies could play in rationale design and control. Specifically, the webinar will be structured to cover the following topics:
1. Microbial inactivation and advanced oxidation kinetic models
2. Integrated design framework for advanced process design and control
3. Designing under uncertainty: probabilistic framework

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn about:
● Main modelling methodologies for disinfection & advanced oxidation process design, optimization and scale-up
● Established integrated modelling frameworks for designing and optimizing disinfection & advanced oxidation processes for multiple treatment objectives
● Emerging modelling methodologies to assess disinfection and advanced oxidation processes under water quality variability and uncertainty
● Advanced tools are available to support disinfection & advanced oxidation process design
● When multiple design objectives are to be met, process dynamics must be taken into account and appropriately controlled;
● Risk-based methodologies are being developed in order to move from a deterministic to a probabilistic integrated disinfection and/or AOPs design framework


IWA & IWA Modelling and Integrated Assessment (MIA) Specialist Group