Virtual 6th International Water Regulators Forum – Closing Plenary

IWA Water Regulation, Water Policy

Target Audience

Regulators, policy professionals, utility professionals, water professionals


The International Water Regulators Forum (IWRF) is the international meeting of the global network of regulators of IWA. It gathers high level representatives of regulatory authorities and officials with regulatory and supervisory functions over the provision of water, sanitation, and wastewater treatment services. The Forum is an invite-only event with the exception of the closing plenary.

You are invited to join us for the Virtual 6th IWRF’s closing plenary. In the closing plenary session which is open to all, a synthesis of the dialogue in the closed sessions will be incorporated into a conversation with high-level decision and policy makers across the cycle. This part of the Forum aims at addressing the interlinkages between regulation, science, policy and practice, enabling collaborative governance amongst key actors to inform effective water-wise policies.

This closing plenary session will include:

Welcome by Session Chair (Ms. Carolina Latorre, WASTE)

Keynote Speech: Enabling water-wise policies through collaborative governance (IWA President, Mr. Tom Mollenkopf)

Water Policy Pitches: Mr. Olcay Ünver (Water Policy Group) and Mr. Blair Scott (IWA’s Adaptive Water Policy CoP Core Group)

Panel I: Looking towards the future of regulation — Mitigation and Adaptation (Co-Chaired by Mr. Darryl Day, Peter Cullen Trust & Ms. Carolina Latorre, WASTE)

Panellists include: Mr. Makoto Jingu (Japan Sewage Works Agency), Ms. Anne Castle (Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment), Dr. Ania Grobicki (Green Climate Fund) and Eng. Peter Njaggah (WASREB).

This panel session will put the key messages from the Forum in the context of mitigation and adaptation strategies, focusing on the role of regulators in responding to and preparing for the impacts of climate change and expanding environmental liabilities. Particular emphasis will be placed on global policies and frameworks such as the Sendai Framework and the SDGs with an operational approach, this is, paying special attention to measures and how measurable regulatory tools can be used to incentivise service providers to implement efficiencies and resilience across their networks. Knowledge and experience gained through scientific research projects, strategy, and policy implementation initiatives, as well as technology demonstration are encouraged to be shared.

Panel II: Reporting Back & Closing Remarks – Key Messages from the Forum (Virtual 6th IWRF Programme Committee)

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