Verbindend Onderhandelen (negotiating for consensus)

P2 Negotiation


Over 70% of delay in delivery of project results and crossing budget lines is due to non-technical causes i.e. political or stakeholder related. So if we understand better our stakeholders drives and interests, we might be more successful in delivering project results! It all starts with being aware your stakeholders do have interests, as you do have your own. And in the changing society in which stakeholders claim their own role in decision making, information is no longer withhold for the better few and social media connects people in close communities, we need to find new ways to deal with the small and big issues we are facing. Dealing with different, sometimes even conflicting interests in a professional way is something you can learn. Finding your way in consensus building can help you to work on solutions that match these different interests!

So, if you are a project or programme manager struggling with stakeholders (even in your own organisation) or a civil servant working in policy making and looking for a way out to let your policy come true, and you want to learn more about this, you’re welcome to join our training!.

Learning Objectives